Dear comrades in Verkalýðsfélag Grindavíkur! 

Framsýn labour union its companions and other inhabitants of Grindavík it´s best regards in these dire times when nothing is clear about future earthquakes and possible eruption in Reykjanes. Our thoughts are with you, as are the thoughts of all our fellow citizens. 

Framsýn would also like to thank all responders for their work, having had to work day and night in the most demanding of circumstances and also wish them good luck in future tasks. 

Hopefully the tremors will cause as little damage as possible and people´s daily routine in Grindavík will restart. 

Agreed by Framsýn´s board on the 15th of November 2023. 

On the behalf of Framsýn labour union 

Aðalsteinn Árni Baldursson

Deila á