Take part in the collective agreement claims

Take part in the collective agreement claims.

Framsýn labour union has begun preparations for collective agreements claims for upcoming negotiations between Framsýn and SA – Confederation of Icelandic enterprise. The current collective agreements are over at the end of this year.
Framsýn labour union challenges union members to express their views to the union before 12th of September via email (kuti@framsyn.is).

Here are some questions for consideration:

  • What should be the minimum monthly wage?
  • Should young people get lower salary than 20 years old people and older?
  • Should the next pay rise be a percentage rise or flat sum rise?
  • Should the monthly tax discount be higher?
  • Should the lowest wage be especially increased?
  • Should the working day be shorter but the salary still the same?
  • Should full shiftwork be considered 85% job?
  • Should the next collective agreement be short or long?
  • Should interest- and child benefits rise?
  • Should the employer´s contribution to the pension funds rise?
  • Should the emphasis be on the elderly and persons unable to work?
  • Should courses and education be evaluated and be a basis for higher salary?
  • Should the indexation be abolished?

Those are only samples of questions regarding the upcoming negotiations. What would you like to be the emphasis of Framsýn´s demands? Your opinion matters. Hand in your proposals and have an impact.

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